Oh, Ship! A Nautical Adventure

An event of all things nautical: merchants, adventurers, pirates, vikings, and explorers.

Where: Ukrainian Park Camp, Provincial Road 222 at Ukrainian Park Camp Road (6 miles north of Gimli, 1 mile north of Camp Morton).

When: Friday, August 30 - Monday, September 2, 2013

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This year's event will again feature Archery, Rapier, and Armoured Combat activities, including the Water Duel Shoot on Saturday, new types of Boat Battles for both Rapier and Heavy, and other contests and games.

Baronial Dark Ages War Court will be Friday after full dark.

On Friday evening we will be introducing "Onna Bun": We provide a variety of rolls, buns, etc., and the populace are encouraged to show up with their favourite home style breads, spreads, cold cuts, cheeses or fillings. It should allow a good snack/meal without inconveniencing the kitchen or staff.

The Fire Arrow Shoot will be either Saturday or Sunday near midnight, weather permitting.

The stewards would once again like to encourage all attendees to bring out banners and such to help decorate the main hall in a period and theme-related manner.

Merchanting is encouraged, contact the stewards for arrangements.

Site is discreetly damp. Dorm type Cabins, washrooms and showers are not wheelchair accessible.

Cabins and Feast fill up quickly, so get your registration in early!

Figurehead Contest

Almost since the first boats, with eyes to let her see the way, or terrifying beasts meant to frighten both foe and evil spirits, even lovely Maidens portraying virtues felt to be embodied by the ship and her crew, people of the seas have marked their vessels with artistic expression of the ship's soul.

Make it at home or on site, but produce a ship's figurehead. Use any materials with which you are comfortable, of any size, but remember it must be visible through out the Hall — so probably between 1½ to 3 feet tall and suitably massive. The entries will be put on display, a populace bean count vote taken before Feast, and the winning entry displayed in a place of pride at head table. Oh, and the entrant will receive a nifty prize for his or her efforts.


No merchant fee, but please contact the Steward in advance.

Full Event: $80 -- includes camping 3 Nights, Saturday and Sunday Brunch, Saturday Feast and Sunday Dinner.

Partial weekend:
Saturday Feast: $20
Sat./Sun. Brunch and Sun. Dinner: $8 per meal

All amounts are in Canadian dollars. Cheques Payable in Canadian to "SCA-Barony of Castel Rouge".

Contact Steward for Single Night Camping Fees. Anyone on site past 11 pm will be obliged to pay for the night. No Site Fees.

Children under 12 half price on meals; Children under 6 no charge on meals.

Weekend package, Camping, and Meal Reservations must be paid in Full by August 25th.


Classes will be held on subjects for which volunteer instructors can be arranged. (Please volunteer to teach a class, everybody!)

Event Staff

Event Steward: Bearaich MachArailtoicc   gimli2013@castelrouge.ca

Deputy Steward: Magnus Einarson  

Feast Steward: to be announced