Feud Glorious Food

Feud Glorious Food

with the Feast of the New Moon

June 11-13, 2010

Come join the people of Heorot Denu as we celebrate the ongoing 40th Anniversary of our parent group, the Barony of Castel Rouge.

As war season approaches we offer a day of martial competition and merriment, merchants and feasting.

Two teams, the Beasts and the Birds, will Feud to be the victor of the day, and will represent the featured feast ingredients in our "Feast of the New Moon"

All activities will earn your team points: Heavy combat and rapier, on-site archery and thrown weapons, participation in games and dance, entertaining and even volunteering.

Camping will be available on site (Reston Fairgrounds) with a period encampment designated and encouraged. Fires are allowed but must be above ground and contained and Fire extinguisher must be present. RV and trailer camping is available across the street at the campground for an additional fee. Site is wet (BYOB). Site will be open at 5:00 pm Friday night and closes by noon on Sunday.

Sheltered Merchant area available -- pre-registration required

Fundraisers to benefit Heorot Denu and the Royal Travel fund:

  • Raffle
  • Picnic lunch baskets-Saturday


$10 site fee, Free for children under 12
$10 feast fee, $5 for childen 6-12
($50 max for families of 4 or more)

$3 non-member surcharge

Event Schedule

8am List opens for Archery
8:30am Archery Tourney
9:30am List opens for Rapier
10am Rapier Tourney
11am - 1pm Lunch
11:30am List opens for Thrown
12 noon Thrown contest
1pm List opens for Heavy
1:30pm Heavy tourney followed by War scenarios
5:30pm Court
6:30 Feast
10:30 or dark Archery night shoot

A&S Classes

9 - 10am  - Making a 12th Century Bliaut 101: Blind Leading the Blind
- Viking festoons
- Intro to the SCA
2 - 3 pm - Intro to Dance
- Italian Fencing: Salvatore Fabris
3 - 4 pm - Medieval Dance, The Next Step

Feast of the New Moon

1st course

Meat and Cheese

2nd course

New Moon Pie
(Mushroom pie)
Roast pork w sauce
Salad w vinaigrette
Bulgur Wheat

3rd course

Roast Chicken w sauce
Carrot Moons
Mixed Grain frumenty
Bread w butter


Spiced apple pie
Strawberries w cream

To Drink

Water, Lemonade, Apple juice

If there are any questions about feast, or our recipes please contact the Feast-o-crat


Autocrat: Ædelred Willelmes sunu

Feast-o-crat: Anne Redlocks   (mclark@westman.wave.ca)

Directions to Event:

From Winnipeg: Take Hwy #1 west to Hwy #83 (about 1km past lights at Virden). Turn left (south) and drive approx 34 km to Hwy #2. Turn right (west) on Hwy #2 and drive 10 km. Reston is on your left, event site (fairgrounds) is 500m past Reston on your right.

From Regina: Take Hwy #1 east to Elkhorn, MB. Turn right into town and carry through. This turns into Hwy #257 south. Take this south through Cromer until it reaches Hwy #2 (It turns into a gravel road on far side). Turn left (east) and proceed to event site on your left. You'll see Reston 500m beyond on your right.

From the States (Minot): Take Hwy #83/5 north to border. Continue north through Melita to Hwy #2 at Pipestone. Turn left (west) and go 10km to Reston (on your left). Event site (fairgrounds) is on your right 500m beyond.