Order of Precedence

This is a listing of awards received by members of the Barony of Castel Rouge.

Note that awards received by a person after leaving our barony are not included here, unless the person later returned and rejoined our group.

Note also that Baronial Foresters are not included here. A listing of those gentles can be found in the Awards section.

Medb nic RuaidhríFormer Members
Award of Arms1984-10-27for Autocratting
Order of the Silver Oak1989-01-14for Brewing
Award of the Purple Fret1989-01-14for Seneschal & Diplomacy
L’Ordre du Flocon de Neige1988-07-09
Michel Beaudran d'AvignonFormer Members
Award of Arms1986-05-10
Award of the Purple Fret2001-07-14
Order of the Red Company2003-01-25
Thaddea of AdrianopleFormer Members
Award of Arms1986-05-10
Racheldis of GlastonburyeFormer Members
Award of Arms1986-08-30
Kylea of ThorvaleFormer Members
Award of Arms1987-06-20
Award of the Purple Fret1987-07-11
Tesny of Caer NarvonFormer Members
Award of Arms1987-07-11
Thorkell RanulfssonFormer Members
Award of Arms1987-07-11
Aislinn Iearla of OrmondFormer Members
Award of Arms1989-01-14
Award of the Purple Fret1996-01-13
Cameron of SutherlandFormer Members
Award of Arms1989-01-14
Hauk KarlssonFormer Members
Award of Arms1989-01-14
Katarina of SuzdalFormer Members
Award of Arms1989-01-14
Order of the Willow1990-05-05
Rowena of WarwickFormer Members
Award of Arms1989-01-14
Travis Aurell HastingsFormer Members
Award of Arms1989-01-14
Hrothebert van DykeFormer Members
Award of Arms1990-02-10
Abu Ala-ad'Din Reyhan al DumahFormer Members
Award of Arms1990-05-05
Award of the Purple Fret1992-05-23
Order of the Silver Oak1994-09-03
Andrew the BraveFormer Members
Award of Arms1990-05-05
Anne RedlocksMembers
Award of Arms1990-05-05
Award of the Cygnus2010-06-12For service as Minister of A&S of Heorot Denu
Céline de FrontenacFormer Members
Award of Arms1990-05-05
Hjörólfr ThórmódssonFormer Members
Award of Arms1990-05-05
Award of the Purple Fret2002-08-31
Juan Martín del HalcónMembers
Award of Arms1990-05-05
Award of the Cygnus2010-06-12For service as Seneschal of Heorot Denu