Former Members

Former members of Castel Rouge

SCA Namesort iconDate JoinedCategory
Godric of Castel RougeFebruary 1987Former Members
Gordon an Seabhag O'CuahSeptember 1973Former Members
Gorum of Castel RougeJanuary 2000Former Members
Grimouwulf HraereksonApril 1979Former Members
Grimouwulf van Drasi -- see Grimouwulf HraereksonApril 1979Former Members
Griogair na Bhan O'CuahSeptember 1973Former Members
Guillaume of Castel RougeMarch 27, 1983Former Members
Guinevere de GrenvilleNovember 23, 1973Former Members
Guinevere of the Gareloch -- see Guinevere de GrenvilleNovember 23, 1973Former Members
Guthmunder of Castel RougeJanuary 16, 1994Former Members
Gytha of GimliMay 1970Former Members
Haacon of Castel Rouge1983Former Members
Hachiro -- see Takeda HachiroJanuary 1992Former Members
Hadassah bat AtarahMarch 30, 2008Former Members
Hannah the WandererApril 1987Former Members
Hasdai ben SolomonOctober 3, 1992Former Members
Hauk KarlssonJune 1987Former Members
Heinrck of Castel RougeDecember 19, 1997Former Members
Helen FJanuary 1991Former Members
Henry of BedruleJanuary 1995Former Members
Hjörólfr ThórmódssonMay 1987Former Members
Hrafna-Kolr frá LaxardalNovember 21, 1993Former Members
Hrolf ThorvaldsonMarch 31, 1996Former Members
Hrosvitha de ChampagneDecember 1971Former Members
Hrothebert van DykeMarch 20, 1983Former Members
Hywel ap RidderchApril 1977Former Members
Ian MacDougall of SkyeMarch 5, 1982Former Members
Ian StewartFebruary 1977Former Members
Ichinohei HitomiApril 1, 1991Former Members
Ingabjorg EyjolfsdotirMarch 10, 1996Former Members