Isobel atte Wode

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SCA name
Isobel atte Wode
Isobel is a widow with grown children who have married and moved away. She is an early 12th Century lady, independent, quietly strong-willed, and of reasonable wealth. Her lands are in what is now northeastern England, south of the current Scottish border, and near Carlisle. She has been much influenced by the Celts.
Date joined
June 5, 2005

Awards received

Court Barony2014 Aug 31
Order of Brigits Flame2009 Sep 5
Order of the Hand of Tyr2012 Jan 21
Award of the Black Flame2006 Sep 2
Award of the Cygnus2007 Sep 1
L’Ordre du Flocon de Neige2006 Sep 2
Landed Barony (Retired)2009 Sep 5

Offices held

BaronessSeptember 5, 2009August 30, 2014
ChroniclerSeptember 3, 2005January 12, 2009
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