Kolbrunna Gisladóttir


SCA name
Kolbrunna Gisladóttir
Previous name
Coll nic Faolbran
Old Norse
Late 10th c. Norwegian
Former Members
Date joined
January 30, 1994

Awards received

Court Barony2010 Sep 11
Order of the Evergreen2004 Feb 14for skill and research in cooking
Order of Brigits Flame2010 Sep 5For cookery, fiber arts, and sewing that enriches our Kingdom greatly.
Award of Arms1994 Sep 3
Award of the Purple Fret1996 Aug 31
Order of the Willow2002 Aug 31
Award of the Black Flame2004 Nov 6
Award of the Cygnus2005 May 28
Order of the Pyxis2004 Jan 24
King’s Cypher2007 Sep 8
Order of the Aegis2001 Sep 1
Order of the Northern Cross2003 Aug 30

Offices held

No offices
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