Wulfgang von den Lowen


SCA name
Wulfgang von den Lowen
16th c. German
Date joined
June 5, 1983

Awards received

Knight1994 Sep 24
Order of the Pelican2002 Jul 13
Court Barony2000 Jan 8
Order of the Dragon’s Heart1996 Jan 13
Order of the Greenwood Company1996 Aug 14
Award of Arms1984 Oct 27
Award of the Purple Fret1990 May 5
Order of the Dragon’s Barb1992 May 23
Order of the Cavendish Knot2001 Nov 10
Bravura1997 Nov 15
Award of the Sapphire2001 Mar 3
Scroll of Honor2005 Apr 9Service as a member of the Kingdom Exploratory Group.
Order of the Northern Cross1997 Jun 28
Order of the Constabulary1999 Feb 13
L’Ordre du Flocon de Neige1990 Jul 7

Offices held

PelicanJuly 13, 2002current
Court BaronJanuary 8, 2000current
ChivalrySeptember 24, 1994current
WarlordSeptember 3, 1989September 1, 1991
Baronial ChampionJanuary 14, 1989January 13, 1990
Knight MarshalJanuary 14, 1989January 11, 1992
Archery Marshal1985May 2, 1987
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