17th November 2019 : 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Orioles Site : 448 Burnell Street , Winnipeg

Armored combat practice: Want to learn the art of fighting like an honorable knight? Join us and you to can learn. Loner gear available for newcomers. (Please bring your own personal sport protection) For more information please email our Knight Marshal.

Rapier combat practice:  While the Olympic sport comes to mind for many, the SCA sport involves 360 degree motion for combatants plus the use of your second hand for defense or offense. Participants of all genders can learn modern and historical fencing techniques at our gatherings (yes, the “Capoferro technique!” is a real thing). Participants aged fourteen to seventeen will need a legal guardian in the training space at all times. (Please bring your own personal sport protection) For more information please email our Rapier Marshal.

Youth combat practice: The SCA's Youth Combat program gives children from ages 6 through 17 the opportunity to participate in a kid-friendly and safe version of adult combat. The program emphasizes courtesy, honor, and service as well as skill and safety. Boys and girls participate together, separated only by age, not gender. The youths practice and compete with each other, just as their adult counterparts compete only with adults.

Crafting: is one of the most common activities in the Society! Our artisans study and create works from nearly every type of craft from the Middle Ages. Collectively, we call the study of the various production, research, and performing crafts, "Arts and Sciences." Come on out and bring a project, or talk to some of our artisans to see what might interest you.