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From the Kingdom Seneschal

Greetings to the citizens of Northshield,

We are living through history and that causes historic changes. By now you may have seen the Board of Directors (BOD) for the SCA has recommended the cancelling of all events, meetings, practices and official gatherings through April 30. The CDC is recommending cancelling any gathering of 50 or more for 8 weeks or through May 11th. Other health care professionals are recommending groups of 10 or less.

Taking all of these into account, the Crown and Stallari of Northshield are cancelling all official gatherings through May 8th. This means that Crown can take place as scheduled at this time.

EDIT: Official gatherings include local branch business meetings, A&S, fighter practice, and anything else done as “The Shire/Canton/Barony/whatever is hosting…”

We understand that this is hard and you will be missing your friends but the health of the kingdom is its citizens and keeping them as safe as possible is the utmost priority.

In regards to Coronation and the handover of the Kingdom from Jehanette to Ciaran and Elis we have been granted a variance by the BOD to allow this to happen without a public event. The variance allows Queen Jehanette, who has seen us through this and so many other things with grace, joy and aplomb, to retire from the throne as of 12:01 am on April 16, 2020 and take her rightful place as Countess.

At that point King Ciaran and Queen Elis will take their rightful place as our Sovereign and Consort. This will not prevent them from receiving their royal titles at the end of their reign. The transition ceremony will take place at a later time and place.

Also on April 16 Master Ealdred will retire as Kingdom Seneschal and Baroness Alinore will take his place

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