Gaming House: Come join us at a house of fortune.  If you have retained your gems from activities participated in over the day, take this opportunity to increase your contribution to your team, or lose it all to lady luck.

 Never fear if you have already placed your gems for safe keeping in your teams chalice.  All participants will be given 20 Gems to play with.  Take them to your team chalice or gamble with them in the hall.

 All gems to be gambled with are to exchanged for tokens (they stack better on the board).  Find a table and ask if you may join, pay the gem fee for the game and play.  Depending on the game it may be a winner takes all or pays along the way.

 If you wish to stop playing before the game is over, finish the round and you walk away with what’s in your hand, leaving anything that may be in play on the board.

 Cash out before going to bed or at breakfast the next morning to increase the fortune of your team.

 Please direct questions to Her Excellency, Baroness Nadrah al-Zahara.