Gimli Camp Rules:


  • Flags and all religious iconography, including statues/shrines, are to be respected and left alone. 
  • Children must have a parent or designated adult in attendance to participate in all activities.
  • Children must be within line of sight of their parent, or designated adult, at all times.
  • Nothing may be attached to, or mounted on, the walls in the newly renovated main hall.  Please feel free to bring banner poles or stands to add to the atmosphere/pageantry.


Pets:  Please keep these rules in mind when deciding whether or not to bring your pet. 

  •  Aggressive or reactive dogs cannot be brought on site.  Aggressive dogs will result in immediate eviction from the site.
  • Please remember that not all people are comfortable with animals.  Pets must not be allowed to approach anyone without their permission.
  • Pets must not be approached without the owner’s permission.
  • Pets are not allowed in camp buildings, including dorms.
  • Pets shall not be tied outside, unsupervised, overnight. This is unsafe and unkind for the pet and for passers-by. 
  • Pets must remain on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length, and must be under positive control, at all times, while on camp property.  Positive control means that the handler must be able to control the pet without assistance.
  • For their safety and well-being, pets must not be left unattended in vehicles (air-conditioned trailers and RVs excepted).   If you see an unattended animal in a vehicle, notify the Event Steward immediately and follow the instructions listed at this link.
  • Please pick up after your pet! If you need bags, some can be provided to you upon request.


For a breach of any of these rules, only one warning will be given (see exception above re:  aggressive dogs).  A second breach will result in eviction from the site.  No refunds will be given.