Awards are how we recognize our members’ achievements.    That recognition is only possible, though, if Their Majesties know about those achievements.  We let them know by putting in award recommendations.  Please follow this link to see a list of Kingdom awards and their descriptions.  Don’t forget to check out the Youth awards!

The following message is from the Kingdom Signet:

Friendly reminder that our hard working scribes need LOTS of time to get their work done to avoid burnout. Get your award recommendations in NOW for events happening this summer.

8 weeks out is not too much time. We prefer it that way! A couple weeks gets eaten up with admin, consults, and decisions. If scrolls need to be mailed it takes up another week. 8 weeks is not as long as you think!

It is NOT too soon to start writing in for the Memorial Day weekend events, KWHSS, WW, Pennsic, etc.

DO IT NOW! Save a scribe! Avoid the Signet side eye!


For example, it’s not too early to start writing award recommendations for Gimli!



Where do I find the Award Recommendation form?

The Kingdom Award Recommendation form is found here:

NOTE:  you will have to sign into the Kingdom website to use the form.  If you do not have a profile on the page,  you will need to set one up.  This is also useful as it makes it easier for you to see what awards people already have.  You can do a persona search from the homepage.


I have never written an award recommendation.  How do I do that?

Say exactly why you think this person deserves the award.  Keep it focused; spotlight their achievements but don’t write a book, as Their Majesties have limited time.  Give brief, clear,  concrete examples of the person’s  achievements, keeping it relevant to the specific award.   If you think someone deserves an award but you are afraid that you don’t have really good examples,  do not hesitate to speak to other people in the Barony, particularly the Baronial Officers.  For example, if you are recommending someone for an A&S award, the Baronial Minister of Arts & Sciences may be able to help you provide examples, as they report on A&S activities.   They might also be able to direct you other people you can speak to about the candidate’s specific art or science.  A martial award?  Speak to the Knight Marshal or to our Rapier and Archery marshals.  Service?  Speak to the Seneschal and recent Event Stewards, Feast Stewards, etc.


I want to recommend someone for an Award of Arms (AoA) or Grant of Arms (GoA) level award but I don’t have one.  Can I do that?  

Yes, you  can.  There is no “rank” restriction on award recommendations.  If you think someone deserves an award, do not be afraid to recommend it, regardless of level.


Do I have to be in the same group as the person I am recommending?

No, you do not.  If you think someone from another group deserves an award, you can certainly submit an award recommendation for that person.


I want to submit an award recommendation for someone, but that person is already a Peer.  Can I still submit an award recommendation for them?

Of course you can!   Deserving recognition does not end with a Peerage.    A  Royal Peer, Knight/Master of Arms, MOD or Pelican may do beautiful work in an A&S field; a Laurel, Knight/Master of Arms or MOD may do outstanding service, well beyond that due to their Peerage; a Laurel or Pelican might be brilliant in one or more of the arts martial…and so on.