There shall be a Baronial Award called “L’Ordre du Flocon de Neige”, commonly referred to as “The Order of the Snowflake”.

This Award shall be given once in a year to the individual deemed to have performed the greatest service to the Barony during the preceding year.

The Baronage shall choose the recipient based on recommendations received from the populace.

The Award shall be presented in Baronial Court at the Barony’s Fall event.

The most recent recipient of the Award shall be known as the Principal of the Order, and may wear a ceremonial medallion or badge, signifying the position and emblazoned, “On a tower gules, a snowflake argent”, for a period of one year.

An honour roll listing the recipients of this Award shall be maintained by the Baronial Pursuivant or a deputy.



Badge of the Order of the Snowflake

(Fieldless) on a tower gules a snowflake argent


This year’s Principal is:

THL Aemilia Tacita (Sian)


Previous holders of the award:

Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev
Alfhild the Mad
Amaryllis of Castel Rouge (2)
Asdis Karsadottir
Berengaria of Outremer
Branwen ferch Arian
Ceridwyn Nith of Cashel
Daniel Ortiz
Eibhleann of Castel Rouge
Ellen of Neglamer
Eric LeVerrier
Evan Aethalwald
Ewan of Melmerby
Faerisa Gwynarden
Gabriel de Lion
Gabriela Maria dei Clementini D’Orvieto
Guinevere de Grenville
Hermina Matilda de Ainesleah of Meredene (2)
Hreodbeorht of Harhundell
Hywel ap Ridderch
Isobel atte Wode (2)
Katarzyna del Castello Rosso
Kazimieiez Zdzislaw
Magdalene de’Liege
Margaret of Castel Rouge
Medb nic Ruaidhri
Mergen Gal
Mor Duin Ruaid
Osric of Fayrehope
Pedro de Carrion del los Condes Ramirez
Rachelle Domonique de Brienne
Richard Axe-Hands
Robert Faustus
Robin Arthur Kyrke
Safiyyah umm ala-ad’Din
Sean mac Conaill ui Broanain
Aemilia Tacita (prev. Sian merch Gruffydd)
Siegound Eisenhaut
Thrym Oddomsson
Torin of Hyrcania (2)
Wulfgang von den Lowen