Posted by on 12th July 2022

Interested in the workings of the Barony? Want to be a part of helping keep things going? Here’s a perfect opportunity!

You do not need to be a currently paid member to be a Deputy. There is also no limit to the number of deputies an officer can have, so have no fear that your coveted spot will be taken!

Here are the positions that would appreciate immediate help:

Chronicler: Interested in writing, reading, or just correcting grammar? Does finding that perfect font bring you joy? Then you may want to give this position a look!

Exchequer: Are numbers your thing? Got a good eye for detail and organization? Give this position a think. 😉

Youth Officer: Love working with kids? Have all sorts of ideas for youth-oriented activities at SCA events? Come on out and give our new mom a hand!  NOTE:  Person or persons in this position will have to go through a background check, once accepted into the position.

All other positions would also be happy to have you!

Anyone interested please contact me at and I will get you connected with the officer in your interested field.

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