SCA Homepage – The Main site for The Society for Creative Anachronism

SCA Newcomer’s Portal – An interactive website that introduces what the SCA is all about

Kingdom of Northshield Homepage

  • Setting up a Kingdom profile is a good idea as it allows you to stay updated.  A profile is also required for anyone wishing to obtain an authorization card in any of our martial activities.  

Newcomer’s Guide to the SCA – a comprehensive document detailing many aspects of the SCA (PDF download)

Good grief, what do they mean by that? – A guide to terms commonly used in the SCA (PDF download)

Courtly Etiquette – How to Identify Who’s Who in Northshield, and how to address them (PDF download).

Choosing a Name in the Society – Some helpful hints for picking a historical name.  If you have questions, please contact the Baronial Herald.

Creating a Device Some information to get you started in making your own unique Coat of Arms. If you have questions, please contact the Baronial Herald.

Introduction to Garb – quick and easy medieval clothes for your first event.

More Clothing Articles

Cariadoc’s Recreational Medievalism

Stefan’s Florilegium

Research and Documentation